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  • Ballet Балет
    Ballet Балет

    In the past, the Soviet prima ballerina, and now a world-famous choreographer Ruta Meyers returns to her homeland after almost 40 years. She plans to stage a performance for the most renowned ballet theater of the country. Ruta is forced to re-build relationships with friends and enemies, who have gained power in Russian ballet industry, but most importantly - with the theater's artistic director Andrey Pronin and his family. Once they were a couple, and now old feelings flare up with renewed strength. Big money, ambitions, careers are at stake - Ruta, despite all her efforts, finds herself at the epicenter of passions and intrigues that are very far from art.

  • Home Base Домашнее поле
    Home Base Домашнее поле

    When a small-town football club is left without a coach before the start of the season in the Premier League, its CEO Anton, going behind the sponsor's back, appoints Helena, a talented coach from Moscow who took her previous club to the Champions League. She is now the first female coach in the club's history. But Yelena will face a cold reception in her new town. Football is a man's game here. Home Base is a Russian adaptation of the Norwegian drama 'Heimebane'.

  • Troubled Teens Трудные подростки
    Troubled Teens Трудные подростки

    The captain of a football club is released after a two year term in prison. He used to be a superstar of Russian sport. Now no one wants him. In order to restore his reputation Kovalev goes to work at a center for troubled teenagers. His goal is to help them achieve victory in the tournament. It's just that the young and cocky students aren't really interested in either the tournament or the trainer's reputation. Kovalev gradually gets involved with the problems of his charges and begins to change along with them.

  • Fisher Фишер
    Fisher Фишер

    1986 In the area of government dachas on the Rublevsky highway, teenagers are being killed one by one. Intelligent investigator Valery Kozyrev, his daring partner from Rostov Yevgeny Bokov and a very young investigator Natalya Dobrovolskaya begin an investigation, not even suspecting how much it will change the fate of each of them. The only witness who can identify the maniac is the schoolboy Igor, whose parents are not at all enthusiastic about his son's contacts with the police.

  • The Dolls The Телки
    The Dolls The Телки

    The main character is a CEO of a PR agency. He owes his success and luxurious life to women. He can seduce almost anyone. He is charismatic, courteous, and cynically uses it. He is ruthless and does not think about how many lives he ruined on his way. He does not care. A multi-million dollar deal promises to become the icing on the cake of his career. His victory is guaranteed in advance. However, no one knows how much dirt is behind this success, and in the coming days, he will be covered in it.

  • Happily Ever After
    Happily Ever After

    A young bright couple has a thirst for adventures. Every day they create the most extraordinary surprises to each other, but the difference is the price. One gets an unlimited amount of money, while another one has a modest budget. With a help of special device we check the level of happiness after each date. These fascinating dates are not just the challenges for them, but mostly the way to understand how to get the time of your life and burst with joy without considering the amount of money.

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