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Growing Pain

Growing Pain


Shooting Stars
572Shooting Stars

Story is set in the Anti-Japanese War period. It tells the story of Xia Ji Cheng, a proud son from a wealthy high-ranking political family, who originally wanted to go to the Navy to fulfil his dream of becoming a captain. However, an unexpected trip to Shanghai changes his life completely and he becomes a low-ranked police officer.

A New Tale of Monk Chai Kung
810A New Tale of Monk Chai Kung

Xiuyuan was engaged to the daughter of the family of general. On wedding day, he escaped and became a monk in LingYin Temple. His Buddhist name was Daoji, but was mocked as “Insane Ji” as he acted insanely and neglected all the Buddhist rules. He started his legendary story of helping the society and saving people.

The Lady in Butcher's House
883The Lady in Butcher's House

Xu Qing Jia who was the best in his class and marries Hu Jiao. Hu Jiao was born in a butcher's family and did not know how to write.However their unfolds in the Northern Song Dynasty as they work together in love, marriage, and helping the people from corrupt officials.

Growing Pain

  • Child Education
  • Student
  • College Life
Parameter details
Liu Hui Ning, Li Shao Fei
Zhao Jin Mai, Guo Jun Chen, Jiang Guan Nan
Rights Type
TV Rights,New Media Rights,Format,Other
Aired Period
40 Eps * 45 Mins
Released Year
The story revolve around Lin Miao Miao and Qiao San Yi's college life. Lin Miao Miao struggles with what choice and decision to make and her mother's advice on internship, postgraduate entrance examination, or going abroad for further studies.This life drama will look at the various choices facing college students today. The topic of family, growth and education will continue to be explore in this drama.
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