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Time Seems to Have Forgotten

Time Seems to Have Forgotten


Still LaLa
398Still LaLa

Everything is going great for Du Lala. Now in her 30s, the insecurities of her younger years are behind her. She is happily married to Wang Wei and is the HR manager at work. But Lala’s complacent life is challenged when a new employee shows up in the form of Kathy, a beautiful woman in her 20s. To make matters worse, Kathy moves into the apartment right below Lala and Wei! Can Lala defend her career and her marriage from her new archenemy?

Ordinary Days
587Ordinary Days

After graduating from middle school, Li Da Bao directly went looking for a job to support his family since his father died early. Now he’s responsible for repairing the machines in a textile factory. When Zhang Duo Duo, a performer in a song and dance troupe, goes to a spinning and weaving workshop, her hair gets stuck and Li Da Bao is the one to save her. He accompanies her to the song and dance troupe to report the incident, but accidentally bumps into Duo Duo while she’s changing clothes. To save him from being viewed as a hoodlum, Duo Duo decides to marry Da Bao.

Confused Officer Banqiao
277Confused Officer Banqiao

Zheng Banqiao was a talented and witty officer. Zheng Banqiao's wisdom and intergity break all kinds of difficult cases and protect the his people at the same time.

Time Seems to Have Forgotten

  • Restaurant Setting
  • Chef Male Lead
  • Pawnshop
  • Best Friends' Relationship
  • Slow Burn Romance
  • Adapted From A Novel
Parameter details
Xie Dong Shen
Fan Cheng Cheng, Lan Ying Ying
Rights Type
TV Rights,New Media Rights,Format,Other
Aired Period
34 Eps * 45 Mins
Released Year
In order to promote the shop, Mr. Zhou, who sells dolls, told people three fantasy love stories between two generations of couples related to dolls, saying that his shop can realize any wishes of people, provided that the person is willing to become his own shop Doll in the house. In the end, the two generations fulfilled their love and resolved their grievances.
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