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Don't Disturb My Study

Don't Disturb My Study


Chinese Sherlock Shi
402Chinese Sherlock Shi

Lord Shi employs clever techniques to solve a series of mysterious cases and is unafraid to challenge the authority of the royal family, in order to protect the well-being of the people. This not only wins him praise from the people of that time but he is also revered by posterity as one of the “three respectable judges” of ancient time.

Battle in Shanghai
386Battle in Shanghai

The story took place in Shanghai around 1930s. In order to monopolize the apparel market, a Japanese profiteer gobbled up a Chinese dress shop, and murdered the owner couple. For vengeance, their son, Dong Fubao, joined the Green Gang, one of the two super rival gangs in Shanghai at that time. A legend of national heroes began.

Exploration methods  of Love
618Exploration methods of Love

Su Jishi, a female doctor of geology, lost family affection due to the divorce of her parents when she was young, so she attaches great importance to family. When she becomes an adult, she chooses her major in geology. In order to protect the dreams of her relatives, she begins to try to study different majors and experience different lives. In the process, Su Jishi meets Mu Xiulun, a young entrepreneur who also loves geology by chance. Although Mu Xiulun is an orphan, his adoptive parents regard him as their own kid. However, the enterprises managed by Mu Xiulun still stick to stale thinking. The advancement of the project is also difficult to be accepted. But Su Jishi is always helping Mu Xiulun with her mineral expertise. Su Jishi and Mu Xiulun gradually enter each other's hearts by their relationship. They cuddle with each other and help each other to heal their souls while advancing the research of new minerals and embarkin.

Don't Disturb My Study

  • Coming Of Age
  • Single Mother
  • Trauma
  • High School
  • Strong Female Lead
Parameter details
Lai Guailin, Li Landi, Bai Yufei
Chen Feihong
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New Media Rights,Other,TV Rights,Format
Aired Period
24 Eps×45 Mins
Released Year
In 2020, at the age of 28, Nan Xiang Wan, the human resource director of a world-renowned company that on the surface looks like a powerful and self-confident person, is a patient full of anxiety that suffered of academic discrimination. A high-tech psychotherapy brings Nan Xiang Wan's memories back to 10 years before, allowing her to review her senior year in high school and face Class 7 which she was incompatible with. In order to re-enter Guanghua University, Nan Xiang Wan has to solve one problem after another, such as the classmates who kept disturbing her study and the unbearable memories of high school. During this process, Nan Xiang Wan gradually becomes friends with sports student Lin Xiao Ran, and the two grow up during battles of wits and courage with each other.
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MyDramaList Rating: 7.0/10