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Irressistible Love

Irressistible Love


The Wife’s Secret World
403The Wife’s Secret World

She is a housewife, gave birth to a daughter, sacrificed youth and love but didn’t wait for a marriage. The cold violence of her mother-in-law and the suspected infidelity of her boyfriend all made her more desperate in this cold "home". However, a mysterious traffic accident, an uncanny amnesia, the nightmare that comes every night, the life makes her be in chaotic, push her to helpless abyss. The only light in the dark, is from another warm person healing her. When she thought life is finally on the right track, an unacceptable truth surface...

Fall in Love Again
528Fall in Love Again

Lawyer Mu Qian and mediator Ou Yang are in the cooling-off stage after marriage, but because of the special attributes of work and different cases of cases in the workplace, they frequently meet, at the same time both sides are also further thinking about the problems in the marriage.

Dear Liar
626Dear Liar

Song Yifei has fascinated about her wedding with Qin Li, but on the wedding day, a secretly left strange man has brings her marriage life chaos. With a weird number on the door, Qin Li’s sister who has hidden by Qin Li for three year suddenly shows up, every clues have lead Song Yifei into Qin Li’s real secrets. In order to hide the secrets, Qin Li lied to Song Yifei for so many times. But with the help from Song Yifei’s sister, she began her new life....

Irressistible Love

  • Short Length Series
  • Mother-Daughter Relationship
  • Web Series
  • Identity Swap
  • Body Swap
Parameter details
Wang Luqing, Er Wen
Rights Type
New Media Rights,Format,Other,TV Rights
Aired Period
12 Eps×12 Mins
Released Year
As soon as Xia Tian turned the school bully Guo Zhiyu into a "loyal dog" boyfriend, he was strongly opposed by his mother He Qingning. In He Qingning's mind, Xia Tian's company president Qin Zhi was the perfect son-in-law, and she was determined to take action personally. Unexpectedly, one day the mother and daughter actually switched bodies! He Qingning began to do whatever she wanted with her daughter's body, and Xia Tian used her mother's body to fight back. The two slowly understood each other in their exchange of life. At the same time, two high-sweet loves are also brewing
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